What We Do

ACE is a charity that offers community engagement, education and training around sustainability and recycling.

Community Engagement

Sustainability Events & Roadshows

ACE often attends community events such as festivals and fairs. It’s a great way to gjve face-to-face practical advice on sustainable living, recycling, living with less plastic and how to save money by reducing energy consumption and food waste.

If you have an event you would like us to attend free of charge, please  contact us.

To find out what’s going, visit our  events page, then come and say hello and find out more about sustainable living.

Community-led Action

Sustainable living is not just about doing one thing, like recycling. It’s about creating positive change in the whole community. At ACE, we help people who live in social housing to realise the projects they care most about. So whether they want to know how to waste less food, set up a composting scheme or make gas and electricity savings, we give advice and boost confidence and skills through our interactive sessions. This way, we help make sustainable behaviour a part of everyday life.

Interactive Sustainability Sessions

Our lively, entertaining, interactive sessions with resident groups and housing associations focus on uncovering the perceived barriers to sustainable living. By understanding the challenges, we can find the solutions that really work. If you would like to organise a free sustainability session for where you live, contact us.

Love Food Hate Waste Promotion

UK households waste 7 million tonnes of food every year ( WRAP , 2008). Much of this will end up as landfill – and that costs councils money in the form of landfill tax. We promote campaigns such as Love Food Hate Waste, which offers recipes for leftovers and raises awareness of the costs of food waste. In turn, that helps local authorities make sure food that could be eaten isn’t sent to landfill, and saves them money in the process.

Community Hub & Resource Centre

Things really happen when people work together. It is our vision to create a community hub for people to come together and use their imagination for the benefit of everyone. ACE puts on regular talks and provides a meeting point for people to brainstorm, inspire each other, share their ideas and talk about their community projects.

We also work with local authorities to give residents resources that help them live sustainably. These can be very simple: for example, recycling bags to simplify dividing waste, smart meters to monitor electricity consumption and food storage solutions to minimise food waste.

Community Based Entrepreneurship

Are you interested in setting up your own business? We work with groups to foster entrepreneurship and help set up new recycling and re-use businesses. We can put you in touch with trained, experienced mentors who can give you help and support.

Working with Businesses

ACE engages with businesses across industries - such as retail, catering and recycling - in a number of ways. At ACE, we:

  • Inspire and encourage businesses to adopt business practices that add environmental and social value.
  • Challenge businesses to acknowledge the impact of plastics and support them to measure, reduce and recycle their plastic waste.
  • Collaborate with companies to promote environmentally sustainable products such as biodegradable food packaging.
  • Help businesses to develop their corporate social responsibility strategy and support them to make a real, measurable difference.

Green Your Business

Simple and cost-effective steps to reduce your environmental impact. What’s good for the planet is good for your brand and great for your bottom line.

Go Biodegradable!

Plastic can take over 400 hundred years to break down, is made out of unsustainable crude oil and causes significant litter problems. Do you want your brand associated with this? Move to biodegradable packaging – the sustainable alternative.

Reducing Carbon Footprints

We can show you how to calculate, and reduce, your carbon footprint. We run training days and seminars on how to reduce you CO2, why it’s important and how it helps your bottom line.


Our team can even visit your business, identify what you can do to reduce your eco-footprint, provide you with a plan to do so and sell it in to your senior management. This would be delivered in partnership with the London Community Resource Network.

Staff Engagement

We offer free qualified Level 2 training on waste management, recycling and cleaning. Learn more here.

Difficult Waste and Recycling Streams

In partnership with the London Community Resource Network, we can identify and broker routes to recycle of unusual and niche materials.


At ACE we work for sustainability and we add environmental and social value to everything we do. We want to help green markets develop so we offer a range of trainings to improve employability in the green sector by contributing with environmental skills.

Free Certified Waste and Resource Management Training!

We offer training on waste and resource management to help employers deliver quality in-house qualifications with a focus on health and safety. We offer the following:

  • Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Sustainable Resource Management
  • Level 2 Diploma for Sustainable Recycling Activities
  • Level 2 Certificate in Cleaning and Support Services

If you are an employer looking for free certified training for your staff, get in touch.

Training on Waste and Carbon Audits

We can teach you how to identify and measure current processes in your company and how to improve these. You will reduce waste management costs, improve your efficiency and be a more sustainable business.

How to Write an Environmental Policy

With growing environmental concerns and regulations, all companies and organisations must be responsible for adopting sustainable practices. We can provide training on how to write an environmental policy that is aligned with legal requirements and with the company’s needs.

Resource Business Training

We work with the charity London Community Resource Network (LCRN) to train budding entrepreneurs in deprived communities, giving them the skills, knowledge and confidence to set up and run their own resource business. Do you have the drive to take on emerging opportunities from the green sector but don’t know where to start? We know all about it, so get in touch! We can even put you in contact with trained, experience mentors who can help you set up your own business.