About Us

ACE is a progressive environmental charity which promotes sustainable living and which provides a platform where individuals, groups and communities can share innovative ideas around sustainability. Our organisation brings together an experienced team with a passion for creating behaviour change and with a vision for an environmentally and socially sustainable future.

Our Mission

ACE is an environmental charity and our mission is:

  1. Engaging individuals and communities in pro-environmental behaviour change and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

  2. Supporting communities to develop skills, structures and networks to be able to take action in their local environment and lead the development of their community.

  3. Working with businesses to inspire and encourage them to adopt practices which add environmental and social value.

Our Values

  1. Environmentally Sustainable

    We want to ensure that our actions contribute to protecting the natural environment and preserving its ability to support human life.

  2. Empowering

    We value the importance of giving individuals and communities the opportunity, skills and confidence to identify, define and solve issues that concern them.

  3. Diverse

    We believe that participation of people from different backgrounds, sharing different perspectives and respecting each other's differences enrich decision-making processes.

  4. Environmentally & Socially Just

    We think that everyone has the right to live without being affected by environmental hazards and that everyone should have the same opportunities to actively participate in society.

Who We Are

Iyke Anyanwu

Iyke has over 16 years experience campaigning on pro-environmental issues and promoting sustainability. He campaigned for Greenpeace Greece and Greenpeace Sweden as well as engaged with communities for Waste Watch and Friends of the Earth. He has worked with councils all across London and delivered behaviour change campaigns such as Love Food Hate Waste. He is a permanent member of the Sea Turtle Protection Society, a committee member of West Ealing Neighbours and part of the West London local network of Greenpeace UK.

Alistair Brudenell

Alistair has worked as a Recycling Advisor in boroughs across London, collected quantitative data on recycling participation and has carried out environmental audits. He also has experience of working with volunteers and promoting campaigns such as Protect Rural England and LFHWfor Essex County Council. He has worked as liaison in academic-industrial consortia working on contracts from government agencies such as DEFRA, MAFFand has experience working with the Environment Agency database.

Stefanie Hughes MSc

Stefanie is an Environmental Scientist and has experience in environmental education and waste management. She has previously worked for the Wildlife Trusts leading educational sessions for pupil groups both in schools and outdoors in parks and nature reserves. She worked with Yara delivering recycling events in the Western Riverside boroughs for Waste Watch and engaging with communities to increase recycling rates in Haringey. Stefanie is currently working in the waste management team for the London Borough of Bexley.


Sorry, we don't have any vacancies at the moment.

All our vacancies and many more sustainability jobs are listed on environmentjob.co.uk.

Our Network

ACE is interested in building partnerships with environmental groups, charities, social enterprises and other initiatives who share the same values and commitment. By pooling ideas and resources we want to contribute to creating a new social contract between individuals and their communities, thereby giving people more responsibility to fill social space for common purpose.