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If you are a corporate organisation, we can support you to increase your social value and reduce your environmental footprint. Get in touchor read more on working with businesses.

If you are an environmental organisationor community group and are interested in sharing knowledge and best practice in engagement and community development, we would like to hear from you. We put on regular talks where people from the third sector can present their practice and share ideas with like-minded people.


  • You can reduce your waste by only buying what you need – we throw away 2 million slices of ham in the UK every day! Check Love Food Hate Wastefor great tips on making the most of your fridge.

  • Items you can easily reuse are carrier bags, jam jars or envelopes. Maybe your household is up for buying refurbished fridges and cookers from a charity such as Create UK. And make sure to bring your clothes to the charity shop for someone else to wear!

  • Go to your council's website to find out how recycling works in your area. Request a leaflet or print out what you can and can't recycle and get an extra container in your kitchen to make separating your waste as easy as possible. Can you get subsidised compost bins in your area? Find out at


  • For example, most microwaves use more energy to power their clock rather than heating food!

  • Just turning the central heating down by 1 degree can save a household 10% a year on heating bills.


  • We use a third of our domestic water just to flush it down the toilet. With a free Hippo bag from Thames Wateryou can save two litres with every flush. You can also get free shower heads and tap inserts from them. Have a look!


  • Check this season's best and find local suppliers– you can even trade your home-grown food there!


  • Getting places this way is not only making you less prone to heart disease, it also makes communities safer and improves how people feel about their area.

  • If you do have to use your car, think about car sharing and use websites such as London LiftShare.