Working with Businesses

Action for Community & Environment (ACE) engages with businesses across industries. Central to our overall objectives are:

  • Inspire and encourage businesses to adopt business practices that add environmental and social value.
  • As part of our Waste Management with Local Businesses project, we provide a tailored engagement program that fits with business needs as we work on improving sustainability and green credentials.
  • Help businesses to develop their corporate social responsibility strategy and support them to make a real, measurable difference.
  • Provide bespoke environmental training to improve services and performance.
  • Communicate and publicise their services to a wider audience through our environmental directory

For more information or to book Training for your business get in touch via

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Waste Management for Local Business

Simple and cost-effective steps to reduce your environmental impact. What’s good for the planet is good for your brand and great for your bottom line. For instance, a recent Populus poll indicated that more than 70% of the public would support sustainable businesses with their custom, underlining the importance of green credentials.
For more information visit our dedicated webpage.

Staff Training

We are an official WAMITAB centre offering Ofqual-regulated training on waste management, recycling and cleaning starting. For more details have a look at our training page.