Waste & Recycling Training for Businesses

The importance of resource efficiency and management to all businesses means that the waste & recycling sector continues to grow even during times of worldwide economic insecurity.

There is great value in the 430 million tonnes of waste the UK produces annually – £6.8 billion gross (DEFRA) and 160,000 jobs. Not all businesses have realised the potential to make savings on their waste management (and better help the environment around us); and the 4,000 accidents each year suggest that when they do, their plans and operating procedures could be improved.

That is why Action for Community & Environment (ACE) is seeking to engage with businesses across England & Wales to offer training courses and qualifications to staff to ensure that they have the right skills and competencies to work safely and deliver excellence in the workplace.

These courses are WAMITAB-approved; CIWM-accredited; and Ofqual-regulated.

What we offer

Certificate in Principles of Sustainable Resource Management

Have a look at the official course description here

Diploma for Sustainable Recycling Activities

Have a look at the official course description here

Certificate in Cleaning and Support Services

Have a look at the official course description here

If you are an employer looking for certified training for your staff, or want to know more about the scheme, then fill out the form at the bottom!

What you need to know

Benefits for businesses:

  • Help attract and select candidates better suited to available/ prospective posts (Competent job-ready staff)
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Reduced need for on the job training and related disruptions
  • Try before you buy
  • Improved health and safety in the work place
  • Improved staff performance and reduced risk of service disruption errors / faults
  • Cost free trials for new initiatives
  • Improved staff retainment
  • Opportunity for existing staff to be co-trained to Level 2 WAMITAB with the new candidates for free
  • Demonstrate commitment to Public Service (Social Value Act 2012) obligations

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