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As a charity Action for Community & Environment (ACE) exists to help communities join in and take leadership of a global ‘Resource Revolution’ to save money while helping protect the planet.

With the average UK family able to save up to £1000 a year by reducing the amount food and energy wasted at home, and with significant additional local and global economic and environmental benefits from reducing waste, recycling and reusing more at home, at work and in the products and services we use. The actions of local community members lie at the heart of creating a more prosperous and sustainable future.

The ACE Eco Communities Project provides practical advice and support for local residents, to help them access these benefits. Seeking to work with local organisations such as councils, business and other NGOs to enhance support and opportunities.

Get involved

All communities can access ACE online guideance and discover and share how they can make savings and be more sustainable via our Social Media sites.

Where ACE has formed partnerships with local community supporters, we coordinate workshops, events and other local support opportunities in these communities.

Our projects

Bexley community are working together towards a more sustainable future by saving energy, reducing waste and recycling more through a series of interactive free workshops and acting as champions by spreading the important message of sustainability in Bexley.

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If you want to find out more on how ACE can support your community with a project, then please get in touch.


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