In the last ten years, there has been a step change in environmental attitudes across the UK. As recycling rates increase, awareness of climate change and the impact of litter & fly-tipping on the environment grows, the public are demanding greener businesses. Unfortunately the provision of services to local businesses hasn’t always kept up – from missed collections and waste contamination to expensive energy and resource waste – so ACE is determined to step in and use our expertise to help businesses develop for the future.

The Journal of Business Ethics (2010) found that most Small & Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) are unaware of the financial and brand benefits of going green. This means that many are engaging in unsustainable and expensive waste management practices, harming their image, their bottom line and the planet.

That is why we have launched this project to engage and work with local businesses, in order to empower them to make a positive change whilst ultimately improving their bottom line. As part of this we will be working with councils to provide extra incentives for improvements to the sustainability of participating businesses.

Our teams can:

  • Promote green living, engaging SME owners over the environmental, brand and cost benefits of recycling more, creating less waste and litter.
  • Produce a tailored engagement program that fits with your business needs, working in areas you are keen to increase your presence, spreading messages that fits with your corporate strategy.
  • Undertake surveying and researching – delivering questions, research and analysis that fits with your business development requirements.

Here at ACE we aim to be use our expertise to give you one less thing to worry about as we work together to ‘go green’ – you can count on us to take care of any problems and work hard for the best outcome for your business.

If you’re interested, why not take a couple of minutes to fill out the questionnaire on the last tab or contact us?

The benefits of participating with our project include:

  • Reduced costs through increasing recycling rates. As part of this we can help you manage your waste management services, to maximise efficiency and get the best deal possible.
  • We are working hard to develop Council incentives, varying according to your locality, with final details coming soon.
  • Attract more business (a recent Populus poll indicated that >70% of the public would choose to support businesses that could demonstrate a commitment to sustainability).
  • Demonstrates a commitment to Public Service obligations (Social Value Act 2012) – particularly useful when working with the public sector.
  • All businesses automatically join our Sustainability Network, where we keep you updated with new offers and developments as well as changes to relevant practices and procedures carried out in our project.

Although a relatively young organisation, we already have several successful campaigns under our belt:

First Mile

As part of this partnership, ACE engaged with hundreds of local businesses across West & Central London to increase their resource efficiency whilst promoting the benefits to each individual organisation. We were able to work with local councils such as Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham, as well as Carnaby, as part of our commitment to close the ‘green gap’ and push the sustainability agenda.

Impressively we were able to produce a 46% increase in recycling rates, which ultimately saved the participating businesses money. We all saw some good carbon saving figures.

Through this pilot scheme we were able to make good contacts with relevant authorities and implement real change, something we aim to build on with our new Sustainability for Local Businesses project.

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