Local Hub

London Borough of Bexley


ACE have teamed up with the Bexley residents to help them live sustainably as a community by wasting less,
recycling more and reducing energy consumption. ACE has supported this sustainability movement by
coordinating interactive workshops and events as well as empowering the community to
 continue to make positive
changes within their community by helping the environment and helping individuals save their money.


We will be providing Bexley residents with a series of free interactive workshops, where they will learn useful skills,
how to save money through simple lifestyle changes and an opportunity to work together as a community to
continue to share their new knowledge.


Why you should come along

New creative skills
Make beautiful new items for you and
your family home.


Practical cooking skills
A chance to cook new yummy recipes for less money to take home for you and your family. 


 Making new friends
Opportunities to meet and socialise with
your neighbours.

Recycling workshop

To improve knowledge and show how you can save money quickly by repairing and reusing your waste.


Food Waste reduction workshop

Helping you and your family reduce your food waste, saving up to £700 per year!

Energy workshops

Save even more money via energy saving tips.


If you are interested in coming along to the Bexley Eco-Community Course please contact wasteteam@bexley.gov.uk

See how Bexley have made positive steps towards becoming more sustainable and how they have saved money along the way.



If you would like more information on Bexley Council's Waste and Recycling Services please follow this link www.bexley.gov.uk/recycling