SAMAFAL- Haringey’s Somalian women’s community group discuss food waste

This week, a workshop was held with SAMAFAL- a Haringey Somalian women’s group to discuss how to reduce food waste at home. Reducing food waste has been set as a priority by the UK government, as people in the UK waste a staggering 7 tonnes of food each year in their own homes, either by not eating food before it has gone off, or by cooking too much and throwing away the leftovers.The workshop covered tips on how to avoid food waste by planning meals, proper storage and checking food labels properly, and how to re-use cooked food to make a variety of different recipes.
The women from SAMAFAL were no strangers to correct food storage and cooking with leftovers, being avid cook themselves, but they were surprised by some of the questions in the workshop. Can you guess the answers?

1.    Which of these 10 foods gets binned the most in the UK?
Milk, poultry meat, ready meals, carbonated soft drinks, bread, fresh potatoes, processed potatoes, fruit drinks and smoothies, pork meat or cakes?
2.    How much is the right portion of rice for 1 person?


SAMAFAL workshop photo


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Sources: Love Food Hate Waste


Question 1: The most commonly wasted food is bread, followed by fresh potatoes, milk, ready meals and carbonated soft drinks.

Question 2: 75g

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