Reusing items is another important element for us to consider to help reduce waste. Once you have purchased the item and have used it you then have to think about if you will re-use it?

Here are a few tips on how to reuse to reduce your waste:

Look after your belongings

Make sure you take care of your belongings. If you look after something it will last much longer, therefore eliminating the need for you to dispose of it. This is one of the best forms of waste management.


Try donating items you no longer want instead of throwing it away. If you no longer need the item then it could be of use to someone else. Charity shops are a fantastic way of recycling things such as clothing, crockery and furniture. If the item is still of high quality why not try to sell it on?

Think before buying

Try and buy reusable items, such as plastic bottles instead of cans, consider buying rechargeable batteries and refillable items.

Bags and containers

Pack lunches and leftovers in reusable containers and bring reusable bags when shopping and traveling.