Finally once you have decided the item cannot be reused or repurposed you can send it to your local recycling depot where it will be sorted, broken down and made into something useful. Recycling should be used as a last resort before sending to landfill. A surprisingly large amount of your waste can be recycled – almost two thirds of your households waste can be recycled instead of going to landfill. Here are some tips on recycling:


Make sure that you have an area dedicated to recycling in your home. This doesn’t have to take up a lot of space in your home. It could just be a small box or container that makes it simple to recycle as you go and makes it easy for you to transfer to the outside recycling bins.

Recycling areas

Try and place containers in key recycling spots around your home. For example, place a container near your front door so that you remember to recycle junk mail or add an extra bin in your bathroom for all your empty plastic bottles.

Do some research

Make sure you understand what goes in which coloured bin for your catchment area, and familiarise yourself with items that can and cannot be recycled. This information can be found on your local council website.